The RIHP Program

The fundamental purpose of Hockey Queensland’s Remote and Indigenous Hockey Program – RIHP – is to develop and deliver hockey programs that lead and grow participation, offer pathways and encourage positive social changes in remote and Indigenous communities in Queensland.

Hockey Qld recognised that sport is an effective tool to promote social change and has worked hard to develop and implement a program in remote and Indigenous communities across Far North Queensland that offers continued growth and success. Hockey Queensland has built the program on the following principles: Community ownership, Respecting culture, Embracing diversity, Looking for local solutions to local issues, Small steps to success, Building partnerships

Established in 2001, Hockey Queensland has been successfully implementing this program by using the model program – “Goals for Life”. RIHP assists in bringing the sport to remote areas that normally would not have access, but it also assists with positive outcomes in the areas of personal health, safer communities and increased governance and leadership. Hockey Queensland aims to: Increase participation of players, coaches and officials in RIHP, Continue to deliver healthy lifestyle messages, Develop local employment pathways by providing accreditation and training of coaches and umpires, Provide a mentoring model for players and coaches.

Remote Hockey reaches across the entire state, with Hockey Queensland running the program as RIHP/Remote Hockey to all remote areas in Queensland. Hockey Queensland formed two Queensland teams – the Blaze (male) and Rubies (female) which formed a pathway to assist and support young Indigenous people to gain selection in regional, state and national hockey programs. Both teams went on to become the first Indigenous hockey teams to compete internationally.

For more information about RIHP please contact the Hockey Queensland office on 07 3399 6577 or email – hqoffice@hockeyqld.com.au

Success Stories


Lewis and Amber have both played hockey since they were young children in Bundaberg and Toowoomba respectively.  Today they both hold key roles within the RIHP program.  CLICK HERE to read their stories.


On the 2-6th of December RIHP Development Officer – Holly Harris – attended the Fit 4 Rural Futures, ICPA Sports Camp in Charters Towers. Over 150 Students attended – all from regional and Rural Schools and stations. In it’s 10th year, the Sports Camp offers programs that enrich the lives of isolated remote children and families through sports and performing arts. The annual camp provides sports and other opportunities that these isolated remote kids and families miss out on. Holly introduced and taught students from prep – year 12 about hockey. All participants had a great time and enjoyed the sport and it was a new experience for many of them. To some, they had never even heard of hockey. At the conclusion of the 4 day camp, all children were wanting more and loved the experience of having hockey join their camp for the first time. Everyone had a fantastic time, left wanting more hockey and looking forward to ICPA 2019 State conference in June.

The Future

Hockey Queensland envisages a future where all communities can have access to RIHP. This would mean;

–          Development Officers based in regional and remote communities across the state.
–          The program being driven by the locals, for the locals, to ensure sustainability.
–          Associations across the state to embrace the program as part of their core business.
–          Associations across the state to have an Indigenous cross culture component to all their vision/mission statements, resulting in increased opportunities for players and coaches from remote and regional locations to participate in larger association’s events.
–          Increased participation, education, training, pathways and competitions across Indigenous regions while supporting community partnerships and building towards sustainable programs developed by local regions.
–          Developed and strengthened mentor, role model and leadership programs.
–          Increased promotion within RIHP and advancement of opportunities into regional, state and national hockey programs.
–          Established in 2001, RIHP over the years has successfully utilised the sport of hockey as an effective tool to promote social changes in remote communities throughout Queensland.
–          Hockey Queensland delivers RIHP by community invite and by developing partnerships locally, while providing and inclusive environment and opportunities to link the regional competitions with our vast network of quality players, coaches and associations.
–          Training for coaches and umpires is provided with the vision of increasing opportunities for other qualifications in sports.
–          RIHP assists with positive outcomes in the areas of personal health, safer communities and increased governance and leadership.

RIHP takes a holistic approach to work with communities on a range of issues including:

·         Improved well being
·         General health, sports skills, improved fitness, physical strength and self-esteem
·         Celebrating Indigenous culture
·         Reinforcing a “sense of community”
·         Indigenous pathways support program
·         Mentoring
·         Role models
·         Building community skills – coaching, officiating and players
·         Employment and training
·         Building social change


Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) Sports Assets Program




Kazzia is Hockey Queensland’s RIHP Development Officer and Ambassador.  She has a proud history in hockey and grew up in Ayr, North Queensland.  CLICK HERE to read her story.


The Queensland Rubies and Blaze, Hockey Queensland’s RIHP hockey teams, went to Singapore to compete and experience another culture in February 2014.  The trip was a great success.  CLICK HERE to read more about it.


In 2015, Hockey Queensland received a nomination in the State Reconciliation Awards.  The RIHP – Goals For Life Program received an award for being a finalist in the Community Category.

The Chronicle, May 2016


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