QLD Indoor Teams raise over $2K for bushfire relief

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During the Indoor Festival earlier this year, our Queensland Indoor teams raised $2,650 for bushfire relief through donations from the teams and supporting families.

The Open Team Managers, Lisa and Tony, started the collection within their respective teams after information was received from the Wollongong centre advising that they were putting out a box for spectators and players to donate during the Festival of Indoor Hockey for the Bush Fire Appeal.

The Open teams decided that they would donate $10/player or official and then the message was put out to all the other age group Team Managers to see if they wanted to do the same.

In true #TeamQLD spirit, there was an overwhelming response from every QLD team, who all joined in the giving at their respective tournaments.

The Hockey Queensland teams were mentioned at every closing ceremony of each of the age groups for Indoor for their efforts and collections.

Spectators also donated in the anonymous donation boxes at the venue, so this final #TeamQLD donation figure could be much higher.

Totals all up fundraising:
• $320 – Open Men and Women
• $350 – U21 Men and Women
• $280 – U18 Men and Women
• $300 – U15 Boys and Girls (2 teams each)
• $1000 – U13 Boys and Girls (2 teams each)

Total = $2250

Plus 5 x Play the Whistle Awards – 4 x $100 = $400
Play the Whistle Awards
• U13 Girls
• U13 Boys Shots & U13 Boys Spurs (shared award)
• U21 Women
• Open Men

Qld Indoor Hockey Teams raised a Grand Total of $2650 for the Bush Fire Appeal, January 2020.

Thank you to all of our players, team staff, spectators, officials, and supporters for exhibiting true #TeamQLD spirit throughout the Festival of Hockey.


OPEN MEN – Play The Whistle Award $100

U21 TEAMS $350

U18 TEAMS – $280

U15 Teams – $300

U13 Teams – $1,000

U21 Women – Play The Whistle Award $100

U13 Girls – Play The Whistle Award $100

U13 Boys (Shots and Spurs) – Play The Whistle Award $100


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