COVID-19 Statement

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This page will be updated constantly as more information becomes available. 

Updated: 1pm Saturday 16th May  2020

Hockey Queensland and it’s Member Associations are pleased to release the Roadmap to Restarting Hockey. The document provides a high-level overview of how we can align with each stage of easing restrictions. More detailed information will be released soon and we look forward to being back on the pitch in the coming months.




Updated: 4:30 pm Tuesday 12th May 2020

Hockey Queensland COVID-19 Announcement #6

Dear Associations, Members, and State Hockey Users,

With the release of the Queensland Government’s ‘Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions’ last Friday, Hockey Queensland, Associations, and Clubs now have confirmed dates on the resumption of hockey. Since the announcement, HQ has begun working with the QLD Department of Sport and Recreation, Qsport, Hockey Australia, and our Associations to develop a Return to Play Plan.

We are all very eager to return to the pitch and while restrictions are easing, there is still some work to be done. It is important to acknowledge that although as of Saturday groups of 10 can gather and non-contact activities can take place (with hygiene and social distancing), community sport is not set to begin until Stage 2. This was clearly outlined during a QLD Sport and Recreation meeting this afternoon noting that Stage 1 is considered for non-structured activities.

There are a number of details and processes still to be finalised and put in place before we can get back on the pitch safely. Hockey Queensland strongly recommends holding off on organising any immediate formal, organised training sessions under Stage 1.

I will be meeting with the Association Presidents on Wednesday night to discuss the Roadmap to Restarting Hockey in Queensland. HQ will also convene a Facility Working Group comprising of representatives from different Associations around the state. This working group will focus on developing a set of Return to Hockey Guidelines for facilities alongside the National Hockey Framework.

I acknowledge we are all very excited to recommence hockey, and to make sure we can reach Stage 3 and resume fixtures, we need everyone to be patient and continue to follow the advice and directives of Queensland Health.

I expect to have more information for you in the coming week.

Alison Lyons
Chief Executive Offer
Hockey Queensland


Updated: 5:00pm Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hockey Queensland COVID-19 Announcement #5

Dear Associations, Members, and State Hockey Users,

With the ever-changing nature of the COVID-19 virus and the uncertainty around the length of this crisis, the Hockey Queensland Board has made the following decisions in relation to the State Hockey Centre and the State Championship program. Hockey Queensland State Championships.

In line with the announcement today from Hockey Australia and based on recent advice, Hockey Queensland will be cancelling all remaining State Championships for 2020. This includes:

Sun 28 Jun – Tue 30 Jun 2020
QLD U18 State Championships

Sun 28 Jun – Tue 30 Jun 2020
QLD U18 State Championships
Burringbar Park, Chermside, Brisbane

Sun 5 Jul – Wed 8 Jul 2020
QLD U13 State Championships

Sun 5 Jul – Wed 8 Jul 2020
QLD U13 State Championships

Sun 20 Sept – Wed 23 Sept 2020
QLD U15 State Championships

Sun 20 Sept – Wed 23 Sept 2020
QLD U15 State Championships
Gold Coast

Hockey Queensland is working with each of the host Associations to plan for 2021 and it is our expectation to shift the 2020 calendar to 2021 so that all accommodation and flights can be transferred rather than cancelled. We will keep you informed as we shape the 2021 calendar and look forward to a well-planned 2021 State Championship program.

While we recognise that this is extremely disruptive and unfortunate for the players who have been impacted, we consider it a responsible and sensible position to take at the current time. Hockey Queensland believes it is in the best interest of our Associations and players that the focus of hockey in Queensland for 2020 is on local competition. All our energy will be put towards planning and supporting Associations for the return of community hockey and competitions around the state.

Hockey Queensland wishes to advise that the State Hockey Centre will be closed to all activities until further notice. Hockey Queensland will continue to assess the risks, liaise with our stakeholders, and take Government advice before reopening.

The Hockey Queensland Office remains open for now. We are following government guidelines on social distancing and have put in place hygiene measures. The health and wellbeing of our staff is our priority and I am consulting with them daily. There are some staff who are working from home.
If you wish to contact a specific staff member I would recommend email as your first point of contact. For general enquiries please feel free to call the office line on 07 3399 6577.

I would also like to thank the HQ staff for their adaptability and understanding during this time. They have demonstrated the #TeamQLD spirit by working together (be it at an acceptable distance) to respond to the ever-changing environment. As have many of you. Adversity can result in success and I am confident hockey will come through this stronger than ever before because of the support we give to each other now in these difficult times.

Stay safe and at a distance.

Alison Lyons
Chief Executive Officer


Updated: 7:00pm Friday, March 20, 2020

Hockey Qld COVID-19 FAQs


Updated: 5.30pm Friday, March 20, 2020

Hockey Queensland COVID-19 Announcement #4

Dear Associations, Members and State Hockey Users,

Hockey Queensland wishes to advise that the State Hockey Centre we be closed to all activities except for essential training for Hockey Australia development squad members and QAS scholarship athletes until Monday the 23rd of March.

During this closure we will be completing a COVID-19 risk assessment and will have further information regarding access to fields and training after this review. Once again we appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these uncertain and unprecedented times.


Updated: 3.00pm Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hockey Queensland COVID-19 Announcement #3

Dear Associations, Members and State Hockey Users,

The State Hockey Centre has enacted policies and procedures to try and mitigate potential exposure and spread of COVID-19. Although the use of the fields is still available to our users to limit the use of the centre our bar and canteen facilities will be shut from the 18th of March until the 1st of April. We will assess the situation after these two weeks before determining if we will go back to business as usual.

To reduce the risk of contagion Hockey Queensland has implemented the following:
• The number one thing people can do to protect themselves is wash their hands regularly.
• We have put up signage in every bathroom and change room prompting people to wash their hands.
• Signage has also gone up in all bathrooms educating people on Coronavirus symptoms and reinforcing good hygiene processes.
• There is hand wash and hand dryers in all public toilets and change rooms for everyone’s convenience.
• Public toilets and bathrooms during the week and weekend are cleaned daily.
• Change rooms are cleaned daily on the weekend
• Any SHC staff reporting to work showing any signs of illness are to be sent home immediately.
• We are sourcing extra supplies of hand sanitizer as this is a product that has become very difficult to obtain. Once we have stocks these will also be provided around the centre and in both tech benches.
• Wipes are provided in both tech benches for regular cleaning of computer keyboards and mouse and bench tops.
• Signage is being prepared at entrances to remind people attending that may feel unwell to think about entering for the safety of all members.
• All public toilet entrance doors will be hitched open until further notice so as not to spread germs from the opening and closing on entry door handles
Along with these measure we also encourage the community to follow the COVID-19 Hockey Activities guidelines.

Covid 19 Hockey Activity Guidelines #1

Please note that as we are a licensed venue even with the bar closed you cannot bring your own into the SHC. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to navigate these uncertain


Updated: 2.30pm Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Hockey Queensland Covid-19 Announcement #2

Dear Associations and Members

Following the latest and ongoing developments, government and Hockey Australia announcements, Hockey Queensland provides the below update on State Teams and upcoming State Championships.

U15 and U18 National Championships and State Teams As per the information released by Hockey Australia today it is with regret we announce that the U15 and U18 National Championships will not go ahead this year.

We acknowledge this is devastating news to players who have worked hard over the off season and through trials to be selected for the Queensland State team.

Selection to a State Team is a testament to your ability and although a National Championship won’t go ahead for 2020 Hockey Queensland will work with the other states to look for opportunities later in the year for our teams to represent Queensland.  I also request that families remain patient as we work through a potential refund process. We are in communication with our accommodation and flight providers and we will advise on a process and timing for athletes to apply for a refund of amounts paid to date, in due course.

Masters National and State Championships:  Along with the notification today regarding the U15 and U18 National Championships, we have also been advised that the National Masters tournament scheduled for June and July will be postponed.

Hockey Queensland has also made the decision to cancel All Masters State Championships. I have consulted with both the Men’s and Women’s Masters Committees and it has been agreed that this is the most appropriate course of action to not only align with the Federal Government’s directive on gatherings of over 500 people, but also for the health and wellbeing of our hockey community.

When more information comes to light on the new dates for the National Masters Championship we will release information to the Masters community on how state team selection will take place.

Hockey Queensland is also working with the local councils and host Associations to look at options for championships in the same location next year to provide options for teams to roll their accommodation into 2021.

Your Masters Committee’s will pass on more information when available on these options.

Hockey Queensland Championship:  It is also with great regret that I advise you that the Hockey Queensland Championship will also not go ahead in 2020. We understand that this is a devastating outcome considering how much has been put into getting this event back on the calendar. However we consider this to be a responsible and sensible position to take at the current time.

The Covid-19 pandemic is not a situation any organisation can take lightly and we have a responsibility to ensure the health and wellbeing of all in our community. With so much uncertainty we can only respond to the best information we have at hand and that is currently to suspend all mass gatherings.

Through these difficult decisions that lead to disruptive and upsetting outcomes I ask you to draw on your #TEAMQLD pledge and your resilience.

If you have any questions regarding any of the outcomes communicated today please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the Hockey Queensland Staff.

Alison Lyons
Chief Executive Officer

Hockey Australia Statement   (March 17, 2020)


Last updated: Monday 16/3/2020

Hockey Queensland Covid-19 Announcement #1
Dear Associations and Members

The Hockey Queensland Board met this afternoon to discuss the Covid-19 virus and the impact this is having on community hockey.

At this point in time, there is no directive from the Queensland Government to suspend community sport. However, we understand that in different regions and local council areas there may be a sense of social responsibility or expectation that community sport comes to a halt.

The recommendation from Hockey Queensland is that if your Association makes the decision to delay or suspend the competition that you consider early May as an appropriate start/recommencement date. However, please remember that information is constantly changing and we recommend that your boards and committees meet regularly and be flexible as new information and directives from the Government comes to hand.

This advice is only current as the time that it is being given and requires each Association to assess their local risks and circumstances. We also recommend that each Association refer to the advice of Queensland Health and their local council.

In respect to refunds, any request related to COVID-19 will be considered upon further understanding of the impact of the virus on club hockey in 2020. We appreciate your understanding in the interim as there are still many unknowns.

Finally and, most importantly, if your Association continues to play and train, please refer to the attached guidelines that should be adhered to for all hockey activities (including training and matches).

I will have further updates tomorrow in relation to State and National competitions.

Alison Lyons
Chief Executive Officer

Covid 19 Hockey Activity Guidelines #1


Last updated: 11:30am Monday 16/3/2020

Hockey Queensland have been keeping abreast of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and monitoring information as it comes to hand from the relevant authorities.

This virus continues to evolve at a rapid rate and of course, there continues to be a great deal of concern about possible impact. Over the last few days, Hockey Queensland has worked with Hockey Australia and the other State and Territory Member Associations to review the advice at hand and how it might impact our hockey activities.

The advice from Federal and State Governments has continued to advance towards more controlled environments and less public gatherings.

The State and National organisations are continuing to communicate and further discussions will be held in regards to the potential impacts to the U15 and U18 National Championships and to review and consult a risk matrix in relation to other competitions.

From every level the health and wellbeing of all our people are at the centre of our decisions. We are receiving advice from the experts, including the Chief Medical Officer of the AIS along with our own Hockey Chief Medical Officer, and we continue to monitor the situation across Australia and in other countries.

With regard to any changes to Hockey Queensland’s programs, competitions and trainings, we will provide guidance and advice on any changes to these as required and as information comes to hand.

We ask that you please have patience during this time, as we work with relevant stakeholders and experts in determining the most practical steps if and when changes need to be implemented. We will keep you well informed should any other part of our business be impacted in any way, as we’re taking it day-by-day as new information comes to hand. It goes without saying there is media saturation of Coronavirus at present, and sourcing information from reliable and accurate sources is certainly best practice. We have provided a fact sheet with some links to relevant websites and resources for your reference. We encourage you to share these with your hockey community. Stay safe!

Yours in hand-washing,

Alison Lyons
Chief Executive Officer
Hockey Queensland


The most important preventative measure remains to not conduct matches or training if your members are sick and showing the following symptoms:

Symptoms of COVID-19 can include:

  • Fever
  • Breathing difficulties such as breathlessness
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue or tiredness.

If any of your members experience the above symptoms, we would recommend that they contact their GP for medical advice/attention and they will be able to inform your member of the best course of action. If COVID-19 is confirmed, please notify Hockey Queensland ASAP

Other preventative measures include: Reminding players and volunteers/staff of hygiene protocols such as:

  1. Washing hands often with soap and running water, for at least 20 seconds. Dry with a paper towel or hand dryer.
  2. Trying not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
  3. Covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve or elbow.
  4. Avoiding shaking hands etc.
  5. We strongly encourage all members of the hockey community to receive the flu shot (available from April).

With the spread of COVID-19 likely to continue to impact for many weeks, please continue to be informed through the media and the Department of Health website.

Some athletes may feel anxious about the impact of the virus and Dr Michael Carr-Gregg has prepared advice to guide parents in talking about this issue:

As the situation in regards of cases of Coronavirus is evolving rapidly please use the available
resources to keep informed of the latest updates.

Other key resources are listed below:


Friday 13th March 2020

Hockey Australia released a statement on Thursday and Hockey Queensland supports this statement. We encourage you to assess your risk based on your location however we encourage the community to continue with games and activities as planned as there is no evidence of transmission in the community. Please follow advice from Queensland Health on hygiene practices. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

Hockey Australia Statement

Queensland Health information


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