What is #TEAMQLD about?

Winning is so much more than finishing first – it’s enjoyment, player development, being part of a team, learning about ourselves and building life-long friendships not just for players but for parents and team officials.

Hockey Queensland strives for excellence – to be hockey’s best.  #TEAMQLD is our “brand” and embodies behavioural expectations of ourselves, our staff, our officials and our players so we present a united professional front.

Hockey Queensland’s #TEAMQLD includes everyone involved in hockey in Queensland. This concept sees all our supporters join our players and officials and unite under the one banner during the hockey season and at all events our Queensland teams are represented. The passion of Queensland hockey supporters is legendary; so much so we believe it is only fitting that we include you as an extra member of our Queensland team.

Do more than get behind the team – join the team and share your passion … join #TEAMQLD

How can I be a part of #TEAMQLD?

  • Embrace the QLD values
  • Wear TEAMQLD colours – maroon and gold
  • Respect and follow the Code of Conduct
  • Be positive, supportive and show sportsmanship for all players, umpires and officials
  • Be united with other QLD parents – build the family!
  • Be an active member of #TeamQLD by posting your photos, comments & videos on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram using the hashtag #TEAMQLD


I will be a better person off the field to be the best player I can be on the field.

I will respect myself, my team, my opposition, all officials and my sport.

I will be the role model I wish to see in others.

I will be the best that I can be.


TEAM QLD is all of US!


What are our values?

It’s About the TEAM!

Our organisation’s culture is a day to day embodiment of what we stand for. It is our recognisable ‘brand’. Hockey Queensland aims to be known for its constant striving for excellence – to be hockey’s best. The following behaviours are our expectations of ourselves, our staff, our officials and our players.


I uphold honest, transparent and effective communication at all times with all stakeholders. I understand the importance of listening, asking for feedback, and knowing what is required of me. I choose to play the issue, not the person. I will talk to you, not about you.

Unity within the Team:

I am part of one team, and I endeavour to make this team successful. I make decisions based on “What is the best thing that I can I do now for hockey in Queensland?” I use my special gifts and talents to enhance my team. I respect and trust myself and the other people in my team.

Discipline and Work Ethic:

I have a work ethic second to none. I organise and prepare myself fully and pay attention to detail. I present myself in a professional manner at all times to enhance the image of hockey in Queensland. I set personal and team goals, and take full responsibility for achieving them. I make no excuses.


I choose to lead when appropriate. I expect all others in my team to lead, and to bring a sense of ambition and optimism to all that we do.


I deal with non-perfect situations with courage and honesty. My resilience will help me and my team to achieve our goals regardless of what we are up against. My confidence, strength, tenacity and desire to succeed will always be obvious. I do what is best for my team, even if it is not my personal preference.


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