Board & Committees

Current Board Members

His Excellency the Governor of Queensland Paul De Jersey AC

Steven Stewart
Vice President
Tara Diamond
Finance Director
Paul Mantell

Board of Directors including President; Vice President; and Finance Director
Graham Astbury
Samantha Bliss
Colin Murphy
Casual Vacancy – to be appointed

About our Board Members

Steve Stewart – President – Last Appointed May 2019

Social Hockey Player since 2012 in Toowoomba Hockey Association
Wife and two daughters all involved with Hockey
Police Officer since 1982
Key Strengths include:
o Strategic thinking
o Cultivates productive working relationships
o Communicates with influence
o Achieves results
o High standard of personal integrity and professionalism

Tara Diamond – Vice President – Last Appointed May 2020

Tara Diamond is passionate leader with experience in leading wide ranging functional structures and teams.
Tara’s capability is well known for her program development, execution and advocacy in the fields of education, skills, workforce development and diversity. As a member of a variety of national boards and committees, Tara contributes her expertise with dedication and enthusiasm.
Her experience as an educator, business owner and industry program leader enables her to manage complex, strategic and operational matters, drawing on multiple perspectives.

Paul Mantell, Finance Director – Last Appointed May 2020 – annual appointment

– Treasurer of Ipswich Hockey Association since early 1990’s
– Life member of Ipswich Hockey
– Current Finance Director of Hockey Queensland Inc.
– Member of the Hockey Qld Finance committee for a number of years, from time to time
– Player for 30+ years from late 1960’s to early 2000’s
– Queensland junior representative in the 1970’s
– Various coaching and selector roles within Ipswich Hockey community
– A hockey family: 3 sons, 2 daughters‐in law and a number of grandchildren playing or have played hockey or have recently started at Hookin2Hockey

Graham Astbury – Last Appointed May 2019

Playing History: Various Clubs at Gold Coast, Brisbane and Townsville.  Currently playing for Townsville Hockey Masters and Qld 45+
Coaching History:  Various Club Junior Teams – U11, U13, U15 and U18;  Various Club Senior Teams – Division 1 & 2;  Association U13 Team
Level 1 Coach (expired)
Officiating: Umpired in local competition – all grades;  Umpired at State Championships U13, U15, U18 and Open
Administration: Wests Hockey Club Committee Member 2002, 2003;  Junior V.P. 2004, 2006, 2011, 2012;  Secretary 2005, 2007;  Treasurer 2013;  President 2008 to 2010
Townsville Hockey Assoc. Board Member 2008 to 2012;  President 2013 to 2015
Hockey Queensland Board Member 2016 to Present;  HQ FARM 2016 to Present

Samantha Bliss – Appointed – May 2019

Key Strengths include:
Corporate Governance;  Relationship Management;  Performance Management;  Strategic Planning;  Dispute Resolution;  Organisational Development;  Change Management;  Policy Design and Implementation;  Operational Excellence;  Communicating to Influence;  Ethics and Trust;  Administrative accountability and acumen;  Measuring performance and outcomes.
President, Mackay Hockey Association, 2018 to current

Colin Murphy – Last Appointed May 2020

Hockey Player in various regional centres
President of the Brisbane Hockey Association from 2004 to 2007
Continuing member of the Hockey Queensland Board of Directors
Colin has a wealth of general management experience; not for-profit Board experience; and a keen interest in leadership, project management and organisational change


High Performance Advisory Group

Greg Richards (Chair)
Barry Vohland
Jan Hadfield
Lee Bodimeade
Matt Wells
Sue McLatchey

Finance & Risk Management Committee

Paul Mantell (Chair)
Graham Astbury
Lisa Hosegood
Alison Lyons (CEO)
Selva Thambiaiyah

Indoor Committee

Lyn Hill (Chair)
Carol Bradbury
Tony Comerford
Sonya Fisher
Dion Harle
Paul Matherson
Shane Palmer
Vicki Spyve
Lyn Tucker
Jan Walker

Women’s Masters

Linda Hunter (Chair)
Karin Walduck
Myra Reilly
Megan Ward
Joy Lewis
Deb Creighton
Kathy Devitt

Men’s Masters

Brent Kinnane (Chair)
Gil Voysey
Phillip McLeod
Damien Negua
Paul Hardie
Ian Warren
Trevor Johnson
Brad Galgon
Ray Langler
Briane Northwood
Peter Walker
Vicki Warren
Chris Leeder
Scott Orth

Umpire Committee

Lyn Hill (Chair)
Steve Rogers
Chris Harris
Kerryl Brown
Bernadette Gotting
Aleisha Neumann
Chantel Manhire
Aaron Gotting

Technical Committee

Joanne Greensill (Chair)
Bernadette Gotting
Brent Brown
Ronda Nix OAM
Linda Hunter
Vicki Warren
Cheryl Kann
Rowan Green
Janette Heron
Lyn Thomas

Integrity Committee

Kate West
Sara Colwill
Georgina Archer
Philip Hack

Judiciary Panel

Alison Lyons (CEO)
John Giles
Joseph Rudolph


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