About Us

About Hockey Queensland  

Hockey Queensland and the State Hockey Centre is based at the heart of sunny, southeast Queensland, conveniently located less than five kilometres from the centre of Queensland’s capital city, Brisbane. Hockey Queensland offices are located at the State Hockey Centre, Colmslie.

Vision Statement

 “To lead and grow hockey in Queensland”


Mission Statement

The mission of Hockey Queensland is to promote, preserve, foster and encourage the growth and enjoyment of the sport of Hockey for Players, Officials and Spectators.

HQ will pursue these Strategies:

1. To attract and retain people in our sport
2. Build our profile and facilities by being innovative
3. Grow new revenue sources
4. Working and communicating effectively with all stakeholders
5. Staying a leader in national hockey
6. Facilitating access to hockey for disadvantaged and minority groups
7. Leading the way in effective governance of the sport


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